Kim Jong-un was ‘scared of girls’ and a loner at school, former classmate claims

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was a loner who feared girls at school, a former classmate says in a new book.

Author Anna Fifield revealed that the pot-bellied tyrant, 36, was “not a playboy in training” and “absolutely avoided contact with girls” while growing up in Switzerland. to express reports.

She has spoken to those who claimed to have known the supreme leader during his teens at the private International School of Bern and later at the Schule Liebefeld Steinholzli.

In “The Great Successor: The Secret Rise and Rule of Kim Jong-un,” she wrote, “At a time when teenagers usually push boundaries, Kim Jong-un was not a party animal or playboy in training.

“He didn’t go to school camps, parties or nightclubs, and he didn’t touch a drop of alcohol.”

The writer added, “Kim Jong-un ‘absolutely avoided contact with girls,’ said a former classmate, adding that she never had a substantial conversation with him.

“She said, ‘He was a loner and didn’t tell anything about his private life’.

“His test scores were never great, but Kim Jong-un managed to pass seventh and eighth grades and was in attendance for part of ninth grade in high school, Koniz’s education authorities confirmed.”

A South Korean spy agency has claimed the tyrant executed at least two people and imprisoned Pyongyang in a frantic attempt to stop the transmission of the coronavirus.

Kim Jong-un was ‘scared of girls’ and a loner at school, former classmate claims

The secret state has also banned fishing and salt mining at sea to prevent seawater from becoming contaminated with the virus with bizarre measures not seen anywhere else.

But of his childhood, Ms. Fifield said: “The education Kim received in Switzerland presented a very different world view than he had experienced in North Korea.

“Kim Jong-un’s lessons included human rights, women’s rights and the development of democracy.

“A unity was even called ‘Happiness, Suffering, Life and Death’.

Kim Jong-un was ‘scared of girls’ and a loner at school, former classmate claims

Students learned about Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

“There was a strong emphasis on cultural diversity; religious, ethnic and social groups, human rights, and solidarity with the disadvantaged. “

She added, “It is difficult to know what Kim Jong-un was thinking during these classes. Such rights did not exist in North Korea.

But this may not have been as shocking to Kim as it sounds, as he had met very few North Koreans and almost none in situations outside of the ones that had been carefully choreographed to show smiling citizens who pleased him.

Kim could have said to himself that his people didn’t need all those fine ideals, because they were apparently very happy under his father’s leadership.

“Anyway, Kim Jong-un didn’t stay in school much longer.”