Kim Jong-un's spy chief and bodyguard axed in major shakeup amid health mystery

The closed state of North Korea has replaced a top spy and member of Kim Jong-un’s security team, raising more questions about the mysterious country and its dictator.

The state has abolished its espionage and security chief, sparking rumors of a major shock in the government.

The Korea Herald revealed, Jang Kil Song was removed as head of the Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB), the military intelligence agency of the north, he has been replaced by Rim Kwang Il, an army general.

Kim’s chief of security, Yun Jong Rin, has been replaced by Kwak Chang Sik as commander of the High Guard – Mr. Rin was in charge of protecting Kim’s family.

The state has not given any reason for the changes.

This comes amid weeks of speculation about the leader’s health, with Kim not being seen in public for 20 days before reappearing for a surprise.

Following his disappearance, rumors were circulating that the North Korean leader had died after heart failure.

However, in an effort to quell those rumors, Kim looked sane in a state-issued photo that cut the ribbon at a new fertilizer factory near Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-un's spy chief and bodyguard axed in major shakeup amid health mystery

North Korea’s recent government actions have sparked further rumors of the mystery surrounding its limited appearance in recent months.

Photos released last month of the dictator at a ribbon-cutting ceremony have also raised doubts, with many believing the man in the images to be a doppelganger.

Eagle-eyed viewers have taken a close look at the footage and are convinced it’s a spooky lookalike.

Kim Jong-un's spy chief and bodyguard axed in major shakeup amid health mystery

They point to minor differences in his appearance as evidence, including a wider hairline, smoother wrinkles, a rounder nose, and crooked teeth.

In the photos that were suddenly released three weeks after his disappearance, he also appears to be thicker.

According to the theories, a stand-in is used because it is dead, sick or recovering from plastic surgery.

North Korea, a communist state, is one of the most closed countries in the world.

Therefore, it was very difficult for news broadcasts to confirm his condition.


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