Kleiman Lawyers: Craig Wright ‘Has Keys to Encrypted BTC 820,200 File’

Craig Wright. Source: a video screenshot, Youtybe, CoinGeek

The long and bitter legal battle between Dave Kleiman’s legacy and Australian computer scientist Craig Wright has taken a new turn, with the former’s legal team claiming that Wright has the keys to an encrypted file that can hold the private keys of more than BTC 820,000 (USD 7.5 billion) – as well as evidence that the duo worked together.

Kleiman’s estate says Kleiman, who died in April 2013, had won bitcoin in partnership with Wright, but Wright attempted to hold Kleiman’s share in the death of the former – which should have been transferred to the estate .

Wright claims that no such agreement existed. However, the Kleiman estate says evidence of the collaboration is kept in an encrypted file in the middle of the case. And per a new legal filing, the estate says Wright “refuses” to unlock the file and allow the court to see what’s inside.

The estate’s lawyers wrote that “Wright has the ability to open the encrypted file, but not because it will contain evidence of the partnership and bitcoin interests.”

They added,

“Wright knew that [the estate] cannot access the encrypted file without its keys. Key disks he clearly already owns, as evidenced by (i) spending over USD 1,600,000 on allegedly trapped bitcoin and (ii) his comments […] that he “could have refueled the market at any time for the past 10 years and walked away laughing”. ‘

Here are some other attorneys’ claims as outlined in the document:

  • Wright has repeatedly lied and falsified evidence in a failed attempt to avoid trial and win the case through compulsive movements
  • Wright provides ruthless testimony and falsified evidence in an effort to prevent compliance with court orders
  • Wright has brought new lies and counterfeits directly to the court to avoid and prevent sanctions [the estate] to prove his case
  • Wright has blatantly hampered the plaintiff’s discovery process and attempts to prove the scope and scope of the Satoshi Nakamoto partnership
  • Wright’s behavior has derided and will continue to ridicule the justice system
  • Wright’s misconduct shows that it is a matter of good faith
  • Wright’s persistent and unrepentant pattern of lies and counterfeits shows that he is acting sincerely and intentionally in good faith and has committed countless frauds against the court
  • Wright’s misconduct has harmed prosecutors in several ways

The estate called on the court to confirm a verdict passed last year by a Florida court, in which Wright, who is also a prominent supporter of Bitcoin SV (BSV), was ordered to transfer half of the BTC holdings to the estate.

Wright – who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the author of the Bitcoin white paper – has so far refused to transfer the money and has tried to fight back against the verdict.

Twitter users have responded to the motion online, with a lawyer saying, “If I had to bet, [Wright is] make a judgment against him. ‘

We will update the article as soon as Wright responds to our request for comment.

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