Kudos to Broncos’ Von Miller, who voted for first time, for continued political activism

Von Miller wears many hats: All-Pro linebacker, chicken farmer, DJ, fashionista. And with everything he’s done and said since this summer, you can add political activist to that list.

Miller, in speaking with Sen. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) in an Instagram live chat this week, continued to embrace that role ahead of Election Day. The Broncos star was unafraid to admit that 2020 is the first time he’s voted, and he stressed the progression in his thinking that finally led him to fill out a ballot.

“We’ve seen (voting pushed) before, in previous years, but this election and this year has been pushed more than any other time,” Miller said. “I certainly got the message — I went out and voted early, and I’ve been pushing all my friends and all my teammates to do the same.”

What’s the best thing besides football that Miller could be doing right now, as he rehabs an ankle injury that’s kept him out all season? Using his platform as an NFL superstar to remind people that, regardless of the current divisiveness in our country, they have a chance to make their voice heard. Miller’s been doing that publicly since June, when he participated in, and spoke at, a team march in downtown Denver following the death of George Floyd, who was in the custody of Minneapolis police.