pledges to pay back customers still waiting for holiday refunds

Booking site has committed to repay a total of £ 7 million to more than 9,000 customers they have failed to refund due to canceled holidays.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) confirmed that the company has agreed to reimburse at least half of the affected customers by December 16 and the rest by January 31.

Anyone entitled to a refund for cancellations on or after Thursday will be paid within 14 days, the CMA added.

Hundreds of customers claimed did not refund money for trips canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic and the watchdog continues to investigate package travel companies over concerns that refunds are being delayed across the industry.

CMA CEO Andrea Coscelli said, “Online travel agents have a legal responsibility to promptly refund money to customers whose holidays have been canceled due to the coronavirus – regardless of whether the agent has received refunds from airlines and accommodation providers.

“Our promotion today means that customers whose vacation has been canceled by get their money back without undue delay.

“The CMA continues to investigate package travel companies over concerns that people will not get the refund they are entitled to if bookings cannot go through due to the pandemic.

“If we discover that companies are violating consumer protection law, we will not hesitate to take further action.”