Lesbian lovers allegedly offed, beheaded hotel worker ‘Dexter’ style

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The women allegedly used a finger from his right hand to access his mobile bank account and transfer the cash before waiting a day to dump his remains.

The man’s dismembered body parts were reportedly kept in two separate vehicles — which included the victim’s own Mercedes — before being thrown down the Pego do Inferno waterfall near the town of Tavira.

The pair allegedly spent three days after killing Goncalves sending messages from the man’s Facebook account to trick friends and colleagues into thinking he was still alive.

Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias reported the victim liked Malveiro and the woman took advantage of that by giving him orange juice laced with a sedative and promising him a lap dance at his home.

That’s where Goncalves was allegedly tied to a chair and strangled to death before being dismembered by the lesbian lovers.

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The women allegedly tried to make it look like the victim killed himself by leaving his car in a spot overlooking the sea in Cape St. Vincent. Cops say Malveiro and Fonseca botched their cover-up after throwing the torso from the cliff.

The body part didn’t land in the water, rather ending up on dry land, leaving vital evidence linking the women to the crime, according to authorities.

The women were arrested and charged with suspicion of the crime of murder and profanation of a body.