Lifelong love of hats leads Broncos running back Melvin Gordon to partner with Lids

Want to really stump Broncos running back Melvin Gordon? Ask him how many caps he owns.

After pausing for several seconds, Gordon said in a phone interview with The Denver Post last week: “I’ve got a lot boxed up in California and then I have most of the hats I had in college still at home with all my football stuff — my mom has a little storage garage with all of it. I’ve got hats in Wisconsin. I’ve got hats in Cali. I just got here (to Denver) and I have to build my (collection) here.”

Courtesy of Lids

On Tuesday, Lids announced it will be releasing a customized Gordon hat.

That passion for hats has led Gordon to partnering up with Lids, which sells over 28 million hats per year in North America. On Tuesday, Lids announced a new selection of Gordon customizations available at the retailer’s in-store Custom Zones.Later this year, Gordon will reveal his own design after working with Lids’ creative team.

Gordon is the first NFL player to partner with Lids — he and the company initially connected last October via a YouTube video that has generated more than 1.5 million views.

In the video, Gordon, still holding out from the Los Angeles Chargers, began “working” at a Lids store and winning Employee of the Month honors.

“We just had fun because there was so much bad light on me because of the holdout,” he said. “When I made that video, it was exciting and it did put me in a better light with people. It got a crazy amount of views.”

Among the hats being released are blue and orange Broncos caps with ‘MLVN GRDN” on the side. How did he come up with the shortened name idea?

“I got some advice and help and that steered me to some good decisions (with hat designs) and I would take those ideas and just go from there,” he said.

So where did the hat obsession begin? Gordon remembers his first cool hat vividly.

“Back in the day, the thing was to wear the fitted cap with the do-rag,” he said with a laugh. “My first hat was the Atlanta Falcons — black and gray and camo. That was in-fashion at the time.”