Lin Wood Is an Exceptionally Talented Demagogue

Lin Wood’s rally with Sidney Powell in Georgia yesterday was as crazy as you’d expect, but I have to admit that Wood is a natural political artist, and if he wants to challenge Brian Kemp in a QAnon wing primary of the party, it’s definitely had an opening:

Of course, the potential cost of the Wood and Powell ranks conspiracy is GOP dissent at a time the party needs every vote in the January second round.

Even staunch Trumpists are starting to realize this. Here is Newt:

The problem, of course, is that even though the president urged people to vote for Perdue and Loeffler, he has sprung the same poisonous nonsense which, if taken seriously, means Georgia is no longer really a democracy, so there is really no point of vote.

I wrote about it all for Politico today:

When Wood and Powell were asked at their Wednesday rally about the manual recount that should have ended the Dominion Theory, Powell denied that there was a full recount and said that despite everything, the system Georgia’s election campaign is also designed to skew recounts.

One can only conclude that if Georgia allowed Wood and Powell to personally select a team of forensic scientists to inspect all the ballots in a tightly sealed examination room guarded by Navy SEALs, they would still find a reason why the count had been subverted. if that showed Biden up front.