Live as Boris Johnson explains plan for December and Christmas

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will let the country know today what the rules around the corona virus will be after the lockdown in England ends on December 2.

Mr Johnson also outlines what the rules in the UK are likely to be around December 25 – when all four countries are expected to give people a break from the Covid restrictions.

Johnson is expected to say England will return to a three-pronged system after lockdown, with stricter rules to control the spread of the virus.

And he is expected to say that the rules will be relaxed during the holiday season to allow families to get together and celebrate.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said earlier today that Covid restrictions will be needed all winter long.

In addition to the reopening of non-essential stores on all three levels, the Prime Minister is expected to say that gyms will be able to welcome customers again, while also resuming basic sports.

Movie theaters are allowed to reopen in areas below Levels 1 and 2, and Midnight Mass and Christingle services are allowed in all three levels.

There will also be a relaxation of the 10pm curfew for pubs and restaurants with an extra hour of drinking time.

However, controls remain, with those under the strictest level 3 measures expected to only be able to offer take-aways, while those in level 2 can only serve alcohol with food.

Mr. Hancock acknowledged that the measures were stricter than those of the previous three-tier system.

In his Commons statement, which will be delivered virtually while continuing to isolate himself, Mr. Johnson will announce major, rapid testing programs for all areas forced to the highest level of restrictions.

He will also plan a trial to repeat testing close contacts of individuals who test positive for Covid-19 to avoid having to isolate, after the proposals were signed by the cabinet on Sunday.

Updates will be listed here as soon as they are announced.