Live updates as Boris Johnson addresses the nation following news of Covid-19 vaccine

When we could get back to normal – and can we hug our families at Christmas?

JVT and Boris Johnson are asked what normal could look like – after it’s said we could get back to some sort of normality next year.

JVT: “I’d love to give you a really simple answer to this, and say oh yes all the things you’ve asked for in what I suppose is an early Christmas list from you – you’ll be able to do by Easter.

“I can;t give you that assurance at the moment.

“What I can tell you, is that with time and subject to authorisation from the regulator, once these vaccines begin to be deployed, then over a period of time, they will make asiginifcant difference to the kind of disease levels we see in the UK at the moment.

“Whether they will reduce transmission, as i said earlier in the briefing, is something we don’t know yet. And that is a crucial factor that will understand how far vaccines take us towards the kind of future that you aspire to – and I aspire to.

“But right now, the key message is we are working on that and very aware is what is needed.

“Your job while we do that work, is to hold the R number below 1 for as long as you can and work to follow the measures and get into that space in the first instance.”

Boris Johnson repeats what he has said previously: “The more we comply right now the better the chances of having a normal Christmas.”

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