Looming XRP Upgrade to Implement Unusual Feature Despite Apparent Opposition From Ripple

Validators on the XRP Ledger voted to adopt a new amendment without Ripple support.

The “checks” amendment is now the necessary 80% threshold. If it stays above that threshold for two weeks, it will activate on the XRPL. Ripple contains six of the seven excellent ‘no’s’.

The upgrade allows senders to sign transactions and create virtual checks for specific amounts and destinations. The XRP only moves if the receivers decide to “cash it”. If the checks fail – due to potential issues with the sender, such as insufficient balance or liquidity, they will remain in the ledger for later collection.

The amendment gained momentum when XRPL validator Alloy Networks removed its veto on June 2, shorting a “yes” to cross the threshold.

The next day, another validator, rippleitin.nz, deleted the last veto needed for adoption.

If no one withdraws his vote, the XRPL will officially approve the checks on June 17.

Changes apply to all subsequent ledger versions and cannot be turned off unless a separate amendment is explicitly adopted that does so.

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