Lottery fraud claims as 20 people share jackpot with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 drawn

An incredible series of numbers drawn into a national lottery led to allegations of fraud when 20 people won a share of the jackpot.

On Tuesday, South Africa’s Powerball lottery amazingly saw numbers five, six, seven, eight and nine drawn with a ‘powerball’ of – that’s right – 10.

Organizers were quick to say that the series is coming out often, but some claim it is a scam and an urgent investigation is underway.

“Congratulations to the 20 winners of tonight’s PowerBall draw,” the lottery tweeted late Tuesday.

“These numbers may be unexpected, but we see that many players choose to play these series.”

Organizers say 20 people bought a winning ticket and each won 5.7 million rand (£ 278,000).

It is reportedly very rare for multiple winners to share a jackpot of this size.

The odds of winning the PowerBall lottery in South Africa are one in 42,375,200 – the number of different combinations when selecting five balls from a set of 50, plus an extra bonus ball from a pool of 20, according to the BBC.

Astonished and frustrated South Africans took to social media on Wednesday to claim the results were a solution.

“Lotto shows she is a scam,” said a Twitter user.

“20 people discussed this and shared that jackpot equally,” ventured another. “Absolutely not in hell, that’s a coincidence.”

Others called for an investigation into Tuesday’s winning lottery result and the regulator of the contest, the National Lottery Commission of South Africa (NLC), said it would investigate the draw, calling it unprecedented.