LUKSO Announces Exclusive Mini-Pre-Sale on KuCoin’s Spotlight Platform

LUKSO Announces Exclusive Mini-Pre-Sale on KuCoin’s Spotlight Platform

Exclusive presale starts on May 20 The world’s first “ Reversible Initial Coins Offer ” follows May 27

LUKSO is a blockchain network dedicated to the new digital lifestyle, where the worlds of fashion, gaming, design and social media intersect. LUKSO will hold an exclusive presale on the KuCoin Spotlight program On May 20th, shortly before the first reversible ICO takes place on may 27th. This will be the first Spotlight project this year at KuCoin, an IDG-backed fair.

LUKSO was founded by veteran Fabian Vogelsteller, who laid the foundation for the current DeFi protocols. Its tools like web3.js are used by most current Ethereum developers and its Mist browser became the first decentralized web3 browser. Vogelsteller’s wife and co-founder of LUKSO, Marjorie Hernández is a Caracas-born architect, strategist and innovation consultant, who built and led the EY’s Innovation Lab in Berlin in 2015 before founding LUKSO.

“Fabian Vogelsteller has redefined the Blockchain space as we know it by writing the ERC20 standard,” says Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin Global.“He and his team are continuing this forward-looking vision by bringing Blockchain to the masses with LUKSO. KuCoin is excited to be a part of LUKSO’s history by launching this incredible project on our Spotlight platform. “

LUKSO will take Blockchain technology beyond finance. We are specifically building a Web3 ecosystem to support the creative economies and make the technology inclusive and accessible to all, “ says Marjorie Hernandez, co-founder of LUKSO. “We are excited to launch this exclusive pre-sale with KuCoin so their community can participate, get excited and have a stake in the future network.”

LUKSO follows exclusive pre-sale on KuCoin of one million LYXe (USD 220,000) with the launch of the world’s first Reversible initial coin offering (rICO) a week later on May 27.

The reversible ICO was conceived by Fabian Vogelsteller in 2018 to make fundraising safer by enabling investors to buy tokens. It is not only intended as a fundraising mechanism for LUKSO, but also to demonstrate how ICOs can be designed to be regulatory friendly and safe. The reversible ICO has been verified with the BaFin, the regulatory authority in Germany and complies with German safety law. It is important to note that this does not mean that the BaFin subscribes to a sale with the rICO or LYX.

LUKSO’s rICO will take place on May 27, shortly after the Spotlight token sale on KuCoin.

Founded in September 2017, KuCoin has become one of the most popular crypto exchanges and currently offers a range of financial services including fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto, futures, strike, borrowing, token launch and more to be 5 million users in 207 countries and regions around the world.

LUKSO, the brainchild of the husband-wife duo Fabian Vogelsteller and Marjorie Hernández, is a Blockchain network created for digital lifestyle use cases. A platform for fashion, gaming, design and emerging trends such as virtual fashion, cross-game characters and virtual reality. The team behind LUKSO also sees community governance through tokens, new brands and engagement, and tools built to help brands, influencers and all types of creatives into the future.

Basic building blocks such as universal public profiles, digital identities and certificates will bring this future to life. LUKSO provides a set of core tools and standards to make the Blockchain easy to use and build. The LUKSO ecosystem focuses on a new wave of Blockchain applications and encourages developers to create a future of decentralized communities, brands and a new digital world.

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