Making a Wager: Crypto Betting

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You thought it would be a nice night out with friends. You’d have a couple of drinks, share some personal stories, and reminisce about your childhood mishaps. Just a peaceful evening with the people you care about. What could go wrong?

Then it happens.

Someone starts talking about bloody crypto betting. Your eyes glaze over as they ramble on. You’re forced to nod your head and pretend you know what they’re talking about, but really you just want to change the conversation to literally anything else. Your pleasant night becomes a stressful one as you struggle to keep up with expressions, facts, and concepts that sometimes sound like science fiction.

It’s time we put a stop to this.

With the information found in our infographic, you’ll soon be able to transform yourself into an expert on crypto gambling. No longer will your friends’ cryptic conversation ruin your evenings.

Stand up for yourself against passionate but ill-informed amateurs. Fight off weak arguments with hard-boiled facts. And laugh in the face of danger with your newly acquired knowledge.

Infographic highlights

What can you learn from our infographic?

A little bit of crypto betting history

Watch the room go silent as you casually name the first gambling site that introduced cryptocurrency or prove that the roots of crypto betting extend way back to the 1992 Amateur Sports Protection Act.

Types of betting

Point out the differences between centralized and decentralized platforms while the rest of your gang resorts to ignorant head nodding.

Current and future cryptocurrency trends

Make informed predictions, throw numbers around, and give suggestions on the best cryptocurrencies for online betting. Don’t be surprised if a couple of your friends grab a pencil and start writing down everything you say.

Advantages and disadvantages of crypto betting

Now that you have this much knowledge on the subject, it’s finally time to share your wisdom with the world. Give your friends an overview of the pros and cons of crypto betting to complete your personal transformation.

Are you ready to become a true crypto connoisseur? Just keep scrolling.

This article originally appeared on Bet Blokes and was reprinted with permission from the author.

Daniel Korolija

After three years of teaching English to children, I have realized that I’m happiest with my hands on the keyboard. I thrive in a fast-paced cyber environment, which inspired me to become a content strategist. I love working with my team of dedicated professionals and enjoy creating interests and challenges for a target audience.


Featured Image: Shutterstock/Oleh Donets