Man, 36, walks around with a knife sticking out of his head after he was stabbed

A man soaked in blood with a knife sticking out has been hailed a hero after he defended a woman in the street from a group of violent thugs in New York City.

Shocked onlookers saw the gruesome wound, and filmed the man, who was stabbed in the torso and head with a kitchen knife.

New York Police Department said the 36-year-old man had been defending a 34-year-old woman, who had been slashed in the face, from four unidentified males and a woman.

The group had snatched her purse, which contained her mobile phone, medication, and benefit card, shortly before 11.56am on Tuesday.

It is unclear if the male victim knew the woman, but cops say he got into a verbal dispute with an unidentified assailant before he was knifed.

Video from the incident shows the 36–year-old man walking next to an ambulance with a knife sticking out of his head and blood trickling down his face.

A piece of fabric can also be seen tied around his right arm, and both of his hands are covered in bright red blood.

Pictures from the scene in Harlem show the man is wearing a white tank top covered in blood as he grimaces at a crowd gathered that had gathered to film his wound.

Police have confirmed the incision did not penetrate the man’s skull, but he was rushed to hospital for immediate treatment.

In one of the video’s, a man can be heard saying “he got stabbed” and stated New York City “is crazy out here.”

Commentators online branded the man a “hero” for intervening during a spate of violence in New York following the George Floyd Black Lives Matter protests.

Man, 36, walks around with a knife sticking out of his head after he was stabbed

As of Tuesday evening, Harlem Police had made no arrests, but an investigation is ongoing into the gruesome stabbing.

Ed Mullins of the Sergeants Benevolent Association said: “NYC politicians have lost control of the city.

“One day a homeless man is set on fire in Manhattan another day a man is knifed in the head, all on the heels of 125 shootings in one month.”

He then blamed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for the incident, he said: “Take a bow you created this, now own it.”


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