Man banned from having pets after x-rated rant at dog

A man is prohibited from keeping pets after being prosecuted for verbal abuse of his DOG.

Joshua Ponsford, 23, pleaded guilty to one animal welfare violation after being brought to trial by the RSPCA.

The animal organization started legal action after hearing a recording in which he berated his dog, a rottweiler named Lulu.

Ponsford pleaded guilty to Bristol Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 4 November and was banned from keeping animals for five years.

In the recordings, the dog owner, from St George, Bristol, can be heard screaming and yelling at his pet.

During a recording, which lasted 59 seconds, Ponsford can be heard saying, “Get on your bed, get in your bed, get in your bed now, get in your damn bed now, get in your bed now, now you stay there damn it.

The recording also features thuds and screams before Ponsford can be heard screaming “now”, “You and your goddamn ball dog. I’m fed up with all your hidden toys, yeah, yeah, and shut it.

A second shot, which is 57 seconds long, also included examples of Ponsford’s treatment against Lulu.

His voice can be heard saying, “I’m going to walk back to the store and get some pieces. Don’t even think about robbing ”until you hear a dog scream, whimper and bark.

He then shouts “close it” and “look at my flatbro, my flat is covered”.

The third 17 second recording features the sound of Lulu screaming before Ponsford is heard saying “I’ll f *** ing ave you” followed by the sound of Lulu wailing.

As the recording progresses, Ponsford shouts “move” before the sound of repeated banging and Lulu screaming, followed by Ponsford saying “go back to the room dog”.

RSPCA Inspector Miranda Albinson said, “During these recordings, the man, who can be heard, is clearly angry and can hear the dog yelling.”

Ponsford denied physically injuring his dog, but admitted that his behavior was inappropriate and that it caused Lulu suffering over time.

Veterinarian David Martin said: “It is my expert opinion that Lulu undoubtedly suffered as a result of mental anguish and terror as a result of Mr Ponsford’s verbal abuse, as shown on the audio recordings.

“It is well known and understood by the public that dogs respond to the tone and volume of the voice and that dogs are susceptible and will suffer fear and grief if they are verbally abused, especially if this is recurrent or prolonged.

“It is recognized today that training and discipline of dogs should be reward-based, so positive performance is rewarded and negative behavior is ignored and unresponsive.

“Physical and verbal abuse is no longer acceptable as part of dog training as it has been shown to be both ineffective in causing long-term distress to the dog.”

In addition to the five-year disqualification from animal ownership, which cannot be appealed for three years, Ponsford was given a six-week curfew.

He also had to complete 20 days for rehabilitation activities and was asked to pay £ 200 costs plus £ 90 victim allowance.

Lulu was transferred to the care of the RSPCA and is currently at the Bristol Animal Rescue Center where she is still being rehabilitated.

The staff says she is a sweet dog who is good with her caregivers but still needs time to adjust to new situations before finding a loving new home.