Man calmly walks into hospital with bloodstained meat cleaver lodged in his head

A grim video shows a man with a meat cleaver embedded in his skull calmly waiting for treatment in a hospital bed.

The unnamed man, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, walked into the hospital with the bloodstained knife lodged in his forehead while accompanied by two friends.

Footage shows him lying on a bed while attached to a drip, while doctors talk loudly in the background.

The blade is still deeply embedded in his head and it’s believed he was attacked by an unnamed assailant during an altercation.

He arrived in the accident and emergency department of Chongyang People’s Hospital in the city of Xianning, which is in Central China’s Hubei Province late on June 8.

A man with a meat cleaver lodged in his head at Chongyang People’s Hospital

A hospital spokesman said the man had undergone surgery to have the cleaver removed from his skull.

Luckily, the operation was successful and he was not in any life-threatening condition while continuing his recovery at the hospital, the spokesman added.

Tiancheng Police Station said they were investigating the incident which led to the gruesome injury although they have yet to receive a report of the alleged crime.

An officer said: “We’ve yet to receive any reports related to the incident, but we’re looking into it.”

He walked into a hospital while blood dripped down his face

No arrests had been made at the time of writing.

Earlier this week, a 21-year-old Chinese man walked into a hospital with a crossbow bolt in his chest after accidentally shooting himself while cocking the weapon.Mr Peng underwent successful one-hour surgery to have the bolt removed, a doctor at the hospital confirmed.

A doctor who treated him said: “When Mr Peng arrived, the bolt was about 1cm from his heart muscle.

“We spent an hour operating on him, removing a section of damaged lung tissue, patching it up and stopping the bleeding.”