Man casually walks into hospital with crossbow arrow lodged in his chest

A clumsy man is casually filmed waiting to be seen in a hospital with a crossbow in his chest.

The unfortunate patient, identified as 21-year-old Mr. Peng, had accidentally shot himself while loading his crossbow.

Incredibly, the bolt missed its heart by just 0.2 inches.

The images show Mr. Peng waiting for the emergency department at Guangxi People’s Hospital in Nanning, southern China.

He looks remarkably calm as the bolt protrudes from his body. Two men flank him on either side to support him.

The young man was taken to hospital shortly after he shot the 15-inch plastic bolt into the left side of his chest on June 6.

Mr. Peng underwent successful one-hour surgery to remove the bolt, a doctor at the hospital confirmed.

Dr. Luo said, “When Mr. Peng arrived, the bolt was about 1 centimeter from his heart muscle.

“We had an operation on him for an hour, removed some of the damaged lung tissue, patched it up and stopped the bleeding.

“His operation went very well. He has since regained consciousness and is in a good mood. He can talk and eat without problems.

The patient is expected to fully recover

“He will be fired in the next few days. Since he is young and healthy, I expect him to make a full recovery. “

He had purchased the crossbow online for 800 RMB (£ 90) to hunt with it, but his mom and dad have since thrown out the dangerous toys.

It comes just a day after another unfortunate patient turned up in the hospital with a dead fish in his butt.

The man claimed, to the great confusion of doctors, that he had “accidentally” sat on the fish to make sure it was flowing down his rectum.


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