Man chases brother, 11, down street with kitchen knife and fatally stabs him

A man is said to have chased his 11-year-old brother on the street after he picked up a knife and stabbed him to death.

Murphy Hun, 11, was tragically pronounced dead in hospital after the incident in the city of Renton, Washington, USA.

His older brother Bobby Hun, 22, reportedly started threatening Murphy in their home on Saturday, Nov. 21, KIRO7 reports.

Mother Shanty Hak said that Bobby, who is suffering from mental health problems, was agitated that day after a virtual appointment with his therapist.

She asked Murphy to try to calm his brother, but Bobby then went into the kitchen and picked up a knife.

Shanty said, “That’s when I started and called Murphy. I said, “Murphy, run out of the house.”

“He panicked because he didn’t know what to do.”

She added, “I tried to call the neighborhood to help. But no one came out. No one came out to help. “

By the time Shanty reached her son, he had already been stabbed.

Neighbor Thomas Rountree said, “I got closer and I just saw all this blood.

Man chases brother, 11, down street with kitchen knife and fatally stabs him

“It literally looked like the boy was taking a shower and just drenched in blood from head to toe.”

Murphy was a student at McKnight Middle School, where officials support classmates and teachers.

Brother Bobby was arrested on Saturday, November 21.

Renton police confirmed in a statement: “The 11-year-old was taken to Harbourview Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The suspect is being interviewed and will be posted to King County Jail for murder investigation.

“Renton detectives are continuing their investigation and there is no additional information at this time.”

Murphy’s Aunt Thu Carpenter said the family was “absolutely heartbroken.”

She said, “This is the side of it [Bobby] we did not see it coming. “