Man claims he's not a cat person until girlfriend catches him dancing with her's

A friend last laughed at her boyfriend after catching him dancing around the room with their cat – after claiming to dislike them.

She now tells the world how he and the cat now share an inseparable bond and even share a bed together.

Emily Young of Minnesota, USA, agreed to take care of her parents’ cat Momo when they recently moved to Japan.

However, there was a problem when Emily’s friend, Ryan, insisted that he was not a cat person at first, but once Momo joined their household, the pair have since become inseparable.

“It was kind of love for Ryan at first glance,” Young told The Dodo.

“She spent the first night in bed with him and that was it.

“They are now almost inseparable.

“She loves him, she loves me too, but it’s definitely a special bond she has with him.”

Emily made a video of Ryan dancing with Momo in their living room, and the cat looks very happy in his arms.

Man claims he's not a cat person until girlfriend catches him dancing with her's

Momo cuddles with Ryan all day, even when he works from home and also sleeps in their bed at night.

Emily said, “Momo always likes to be part of the action, so when we eat and dance at night she always meows to brag so she can be part of it.

Momo is a very social cat, Emily said, so there’s no question why she enjoys interacting with new people.

Emily officially turned Ryan into a cat person, and the pair now cherish another cat named Tanu.


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