Man fights alligator to save his puppy and uses bare hands to open its jaws

A brave man had his hands “chewed up” by an alligator to rescue his puppy from his vise-like grip.

Richard Wilbanks, from Florida, USA, was caught on video jumping into shallow water and fending off the massive predator to rescue his poor dog.

In the amazing clip, the man wades into the river and brings out the alligator, which the squeaky puppy named Gunner has caught in its jaws.

Roaring in what sounds like terror, he opens the animal’s mouth and frees his dog who, amazingly, can run to safety without appearing to be seriously injured.

The clip, divided by Florida Wildlife Federation and F Stop Foundation, ends with Richard still in the water struggling with the alligator.

He explained the dramatic incident and told CNN, “We just walked by the pond and it came out of the water like a rocket.

‘I never thought an alligator could be so fast. It was so fast. ‘

Gunner the dog was eventually rescued from the alligator

Gunner the pup sustained stab wounds in the attack, but luckily survived the ordeal.

Richard said he thought nothing of his own safety, saying that his dogs are just like his “kids” and that he would risk everything for them.

“He had a small puncture wound and my hands had just been chewed,” he said.

Richard and his wife, Louise Wilbanks, now walk Gunner on a leash at least 3 meters from the water, saying they don’t want the alligator destroyed because it was just acting like a wild animal in its natural habitat.

“We are very lucky to be able to share this space with them,” said Louise.

This comes after a shocked fisherman pulled an alligator aboard his boat after mistakenly thinking he caught a giant fish.

Tragically, a woman was dragged to her death by a large alligator in South Carolina after telling her friends she wanted to get “close” to one of the animals.