Man finds dead bat inside sauce jar he'd been eating from for three months

One man “lost his appetite for a few days” after finding a dead bat in his family-size oyster sauce jar.

Guo, from Jinan, in East China’s Shandong province, claimed that he and his family had been eating the sauce for the past three months and only realized that the bat was soaked inside when they were nearly using the sauce.

The video made by Qilu TV channel, Mr. Guo shows the 6 kg of mega oyster sauce for families he bought from the popular food brand Haitian.

He says, “My mom was cooking and complained she couldn’t get the oyster sauce out.

“I went to look and saw this bird-like carcass lying on the bottom of the bucket, but it wasn’t until I picked it up that I discovered it was actually a bat.

“I have no appetite for a few days.”

The dead bat’s body and wings are visible to the eye and are drenched in dark, sticky oyster sauce.

Mr. Guo had to throw out the meals and brought the oyster sauce to the store.

“I think the bat came in during the packaging process,” he added.

“It cannot possibly fly into our house, because we close the lid every time after use.

“We have been eating this for at least three months and only found out recently.”

He believed the bat entered when the factory was preparing the oyster sauce

A spokesman for Haitian Food told the media that all of their products have passed safety inspections and professional screenings.

He said, “It is not possible for a bat to fly in during the process. If the bat made it through the fermentation phase, it would decompose.

“We are willing to give one or two more bottles of oyster sauce as compensation. But we are not responsible for any financial compensation unless there is evidence that the bat fell in while making the sauce.”

Mr Guo said that he will investigate a third-party food hygiene test to find out.