Man jailed for second time for calling 999 and burping

A nuisance caller who has repeatedly called 999 and has been fined by police call administrators has been jailed a second time.

Rhys Pilott, from Peterborough, was jailed last year for causing public nuisance, but was released early for good behavior.

Once free from prison, the 28-year-old started making hoax calls again.

Cambridgeshire police said Pilott called 999 and called more than 80 times and was arrested five times.

On one occasion, the Corps received 24 emergency calls from Pilott within 45 minutes, blocking the emergency line and preventing call handlers from answering actual emergency calls.

He was arrested again in October this year and charged with causing public nuisance, which he admitted to the Peterborough Magistrates’ Court, Cambridgeshire police said.

Police said he was sentenced to six months in prison on November 23.

Chief Inspector Mike Branston said, “Individuals who feel the need to abuse the 999 service in this way should consider how they would feel if a loved one needed emergency assistance but couldn’t get through.”