Man scalped by leopard after paying £100 for ‘full contact experience’ with big cat – World News

A man was scalped by a black leopard after paying more than £100 for a ‘full contact experience’ with the big cat.

The man, named as Dwight Turner, suffered the severe injuries at a property in Florida after walking into the animal’s cage.

He underwent multiple surgeries in emergency treatment.

According to police reports, the property owner, Michael Poggi, advertised his services for experiences with rare and endangered animals.

After paying $150 (£115) for a big cat experience with the adult leopard, Mr Turner began playing with Dasha the leopard- rubbing its stomach and taking pictures.

Man scalped by leopard after paying £100 for 'full contact experience' with big cat - World News
Dwight Turner with heavy bandaging to his head after his scalp from left hanging off

However, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report says the leopard attacked Turner when he walked into its enclosure.

The leopard reportedly pounced on Turner’s head, leaving his scalp “hanging from his head and his right ear torn in half”.

According to Turner’s lorry, he spent a week in hospital recovering from his injuries.

The property owner, Mr Poggi, is licensed to have the leopard, reports Local10.

Poggi also has exotic birds, reptiles and snakes and fashions himself like an exotic animal expert online.

Man scalped by leopard after paying £100 for 'full contact experience' with big cat - World News
Owner Michael Poggi with Dasha, the black leopard

Kate MacFall, of the Humane Society of the United States Florida, said: “We see these horrible and preventable tragedies repeatedly.

“People who own, breed or offer public contact with big cats and other wild animals are putting the animals and the public in danger. 

“This is not only inhumane for any wild animal, but is a human tragedy waiting to happen. We must pass a federal law to stop public contact with these animals.”

However he has been charged with allowing full contact with an extremely dangerous animal and was cited for maintaining captive wildlife in an unsafe condition.

An adult male black leopard weighs around 22lbs and are around 31 inches in height.

Black leopards are also called black panthers and is most common in tropical and subtropical forests.