Man spends 2 years growing hair before donating 13-inch locks in daughter's name

A man who has grown his hair for two years and two months donated his 13-inch locks in his daughter’s name.

The man, from New York, shared his moving family story on Reddit under the username KungPowChicken23 and said he donated it to Locks of Love and wanted to tell his story to raise awareness.

Locks of Love is a charity that provides custom hair prosthetics to underprivileged children up to the age of 21 who have suffered hair loss due to medical conditions such as alopecia, burns and cancer treatment.

The post received more than 68,000 upvotes and more than 1,407 comments on the website.

The man described the experience as the first time he had grown his hair, saying that “maintenance is not easy”.

In response to a comment, he revealed some more details and wrote, “I’ve never had long hair. I’ve grown it out with the intention of donating it.”

That said, towards the end I did have some bonding issues.

“I woke up for a few days and said let’s do it, and others didn’t say yet. the two years easily worth it. “

Other Reddit users were really in favor of the donation.

One of them replied, “Hell yeah man, I donated 14 inches a few years ago after not cutting it for 2 years; there was another whole year between the cuts. This time I’m definitely donating.”

And another wrote: ‘My husband just donated to children’s wigs and we got a letter back from the girl who had received it.

“In this day and age, there is nothing more amazing than making a positive difference in someone’s life. Good! I hope you are able to make many more positive differences in your daughter’s name.”

The post sparked a torrent of concern about the husband’s daughter, although one Reddit user wrote, “I went caving in this guy’s post history to see if I could answer this question.

While I can’t give you a definitive answer, he says he’s grown this for two years and two months for this purpose, his daughter was only born six months ago and in good shape a month ago.

“I’m going to say this man is just excited about his new daughter and put her name on the donation.”