Man spends £3,200 on pure gold Covid-19 mask but isn't sure it can keep him safe

A businessman has spent nearly £3,200 on a custom face mask made of pure gold to ward off coronavirus during the pandemic.

Shankar Kurade, from Pune, western India, said the idea was inspired after watching a media report of a man wearing a mask made of silver.

The 49-year-old ordered the bespoke mask, which weighed 60g of pure gold, from a local jeweller.

He said: “The jeweller said he can make it and he made it in eight days.”

It’s not proven whether gold can filter out coronavirus and Shankar said he is also taking other precautions to keep himself virus-free.

The disc-shaped mask is tied with two elastic bands so Shankar can secure it around his ears.

There are tiny holes on the precious metal which helps him to breathe.

He added: “People are asking me for selfies.

“They are awestruck when they see me wearing the gold mask in markets.”

The businessman is also known for his obsession for wearing gold jewellery and is often seen walking in the city with gold bracelet, gold necklace and gold rings on each finger of his right hand.

The businessman is known for wearing gold accessories including gold rings on each finger on his right hand

“I am not sure if it will be effective to protect me from a coronavirus infection but I am taking other precautions,” he said.

India has made face masks mandatory in public places in a bid to control the spread of the virus in the country, which saw the biggest single-day jump with 24,850 cases confirmed on July 5.

The country has around 650,000 confirmed cases and more than 18,600 fatalities.