Man with Jesus delusions strangled girlfriend to death with tracksuit bottoms

A drugged man strangled his girlfriend to death after delusions about himself as Jesus and his victim as Eve.

Shea Dylan Sturt, 32, was imprisoned for 22 years after the murder of Caitlin O’Brien at their home in Melbourne, Australia.

Caitlin recovered from brain surgery when Sturt killed her in the middle of a cannabis-induced psychotic episode.

The Melbourne Supreme Court heard Caitlin, a nurse at The Alfred Hospital, recover from brain surgery when she was murdered.

It turned out that she had told Shea 36 hours before the attack that she was afraid she would “kill” her.

He forced her to give her an apple and said she could be “like Eva” before swallowing her with a pillow and strangling her with her own sweatpants.

He took a shower, put a credit card on her chest, and calmly told the police that he had killed his girlfriends.

When officers told him he was going to be charged with murder, he simply replied, “Cool.”

Man with Jesus delusions strangled girlfriend to death with tracksuit bottoms

Dr. Andrew Carroll told the court, “Throughout most of the relationship, up to the last few years, he appears to have used various compulsions, including violence, threats of violence, and suicide attacks.

“He did this to lessen what he apparently saw as the continuing likelihood of Caitlin abandoning him.”

Justice Christopher Beale said Sturt was delusional because he believed Mrs. O’Brien was the devil, he was Jesus and the neighbors worshiped Satan.

Justice Beale locked him up and smoked, “Using cannabis isn’t the only way to address your anxiety, you could have asked your doctor for help in that regard.

“You knew that cannabis could become violent and psychotic.”


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