Man's terror after discovering deadly crocodile lurking under his bed

A man had the scariest wake up of all time after discovering he had been sleeping on top of a deadly crocodile.

Fire services were called to the man’s dormitory inside an industrial park in Jinan, capital of Shandong province in east China, on July 29.

Video shared on social media platform Weibo, shows the firefighters walking into the room with a big net trap.

It is not clear how long the dangerous beast had been staying inside the room.

Firefighters lock the room in order to keep the crocodile from escaping before calling experts from Jinan Zoo to help.

A zoo employee is seen entering the room and placing a net over the crocodile, which is said to have measured over one metre (three feet).

They find tape wrapped around the crocodile’s mouth to keep it shut and try restrain its movement as they capture the creature.

Rescuers drag the beast out of the dormitory and placed it in a cage.

It was then taken to Jinan Zoo, where it will be inspected and kept on the grounds for the time being.

Rescuers captured the dangerous beast with a trap net and transferred it to a zoo

The fearsome reptile appeared to be a Siamese crocodile, which is listed as critically endangers on the IUCN’s Red List.

A spokesperson for Jinan Fire Service said it was still unclear where the crocodile came from, but the tape around its mouth suggested it had an owner and was not wild.

It is likely that the animal fell out of a lorry while being transported nearby, the report said.

The operation took about an hour until the crocodile was safely removed.


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