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Martin Lewis's latest HMRC advice to self-employed workers

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis has been on our screens more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic.

The financial journalist’s advice has been invaluable.

In the Thursday night edition of The Martin Lewis Money Show, filmed from his London home, he interviewed Jim Harra, Chief Executive at HMRC.

The Daily record Martin reported that he had asked for clarification on a number of important issues for the self-employed and on the latest leave guidelines.

Those who work for themselves can now avail themselves of the UK government’s self-employment income support scheme, but several issues have been reported.

Martin asked Mr. Harra for his thoughts on the single viewer situation.

Martin read a question from viewer Theresa: “My partner checked suitability and the first screen said it was eligible.

The second screen then said it was ineligible. He clicked to request a review and said it would be reviewed in late May. Will this stop my application after I request a review? “

Mr. Harra replied: “When we checked the eligibility check last week, we still had some last bits of data to load, which means that a small number of people may have had a change in that decision.

“People need to fill out the assessment form and we will check and come back before the end of this month to confirm eligibility.”

He added: “Anyone who qualifies should have heard from us by now, as we text, email and write people.

“But if you haven’t heard from us and you think you might be eligible, go online and use the fitness check.

“If it says you don’t qualify, but you don’t understand why, read the guide and if you still don’t understand it, please contact us and we’ll check your case again. If you don’t qualify , we will explain why.

“So far we have checked thousands upon thousands and we have only found one anomaly.”

What is an income support scheme for self-employed persons?

The Self-Employed Income Support Scheme allows you to apply for a taxable subsidy of 80 percent of your average monthly trading profit, paid out in a single tranche of three months, up to a total of £ 7,500.

If you receive the scholarship, you can continue to work, start a new trade or take up another job, including volunteering, or duties as a reservist for the armed forces.

The grant is non-refundable, but is subject to income tax and independent National Insurance.

There is other support available if you are not eligible for the scholarship.

HMRC will find out whether you are eligible and how much subsidy you will receive.

HMRC has given applicants using the scheme a specific date to apply for the grant – between 13 and 18 May.

Anyone who misses their date can still request support through the HMRC fitness tool checker here.


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