Matt Hancock confirms a Scotch egg is a substantial meal

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has defined what constitutes a substantial meal by stating that it is a ‘familiar concept’ in hospitality.

Mr Hancock appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the news regarding the COVID vaccine to be rolled out in the NHS in the coming weeks and months.

However, with the UK returning to a three-tier system from today and many restaurants and pubs opening for business, as long as they serve food, there is still confusion about what constitutes a substantial meal.

Yesterday, MP Michael Gove told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that he would consider a Scottish egg more of an appetizer than a hearty meal, as the debate around pubs raged on.

In an interview with Piers Morgan on the ITV show, the health secretary explained his definition of what confirms a substantial meal to some extent: a scotch egg is a substantial meal.

Mr. Hancock said, “I thought you might ask me this. The truth is that a hearty meal is a well-known concept in the hospitality industry, it is a standard concept. So a scotch egg can be absolute … it means a meal you sit down for. “

Piers replied, “Michael Gove kept telling us we all know what it is, but he couldn’t tell us. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask government ministers, who tell pubs where you can only get people in if you serve a hearty meal, to remind them what the government thinks about a substantial meal. “

Mr. Hancock replied, “So a substantial meal is when you sit down to a meal, for example including an entree, so a Scotch egg can be a substantial meal, but there is a concept that is a substantial meal, people in the hospitality industry know what it is. . “

Piers became somewhat frustrated with Mr. Hancock’s answer: he added, “You know what it is?”

The health secretary replied, “The rules are really clear around that. Yes, it means a meal that you sit down for. “

Piers finished. He said, “No it isn’t, but it isn’t.”