Matt Hancock offers to take vaccine with Piers Morgan on GMB

Matt Hancock has said he would love to publicly vaccinate with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

The health secretary spoke on the ITV morning show about the news that the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is being approved for use in the UK.

A rollout of the vaccine is expected to begin next week with NHS staff, nursing home workers, and the 85+ first in line to get it.

However, some are concerned about the safety of the vaccine due to its brief turnaround in production, despite government officials saying it is safe.

Earlier on the show, Piers Morgan said he would be happy to take it if he could and that it would ease the minds of those concerned about its safety.

Piers later asked Hancock how the government would reach these cautious minds:

“We’d love to take this if it could get the message across, I’d record it live on the air.

‘I don’t care, I just feel like it’s important when we get through this that enough people take it.’

The health secretary then said, “Yes, I’ll take it, Piers!”

Bewildered, Piers said, “You know what, let’s do this, actually I’m serious!

“I’ll get to where you are next week if we can do this, and let’s do it together, live on-air, it would be powerful!”

Hancock reiterated that he would be more than happy to play alongside Piers in taking the virus, if they were both allowed to take it: “We should get that approved as there is of course a priority according to the clinical need .

“And luckily, as a healthy middle-aged man, you (Piers) are not at the top of the priority list, but if we can get that approved and if people think it’s reasonable, then I’m ready.

“Once the MRHA approves a vaccine, they only do that if it’s safe, so if that can help someone else, to get someone else to take the vaccine, they should take the vaccine, then I think that it’s worth it. “

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