Mekhla Dasgupta in the wedding ring Mekhla Dasgupta tie the knot with Arka – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The wedding season has started to get a little lighter. Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are getting married in December. Their marriage is now in full swing. But in the midst of all this, the news of marriage is also being heard in Tollywood. This time Mekhla Dasgupta sat on the wedding pedestal.

Mekhla came up from a popular reality show in Tollywood. The whole of Calcutta was maddened by the song of Balurghat’s daughter. Tollywood found singer Mekhla Dasgupta (Mekhla Dasgupta got married) from that reality show. The wedding party was held at Regent’s Park.

The wedding party will be held in Kolkata on Wednesday. The name of the pot is Orc! The house is in Siliguri. Mekhla and Orc have been together for several years. At last the four hands are one of them. On the evening of the fragrance, the wedding hall was transformed. For several days now, various pictures of the future wife have been circulating on social media. Mekhla (Mekhla Dasgupta got married) also shared some pictures from her wedding home on her social media account on Tuesday.

Mekhla Dasgupta in the wedding ring Mekhla Dasgupta tie the knot with Arka - News18 Bangla

On Wednesday evening, the four arms of Mekhla and Orc became one. Earlier, however, they shared all the pictures and videos of Gaye Halud on social media. Red sari, embellished with jewelry. Newness was seen in the decoration of the wedding house! If not, the singer would have healed the marriage earlier! But a lot of things stuck for Corona. So they decided to get married to be a little lighter. The man of love began to walk a new path with Orc.

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However, the singer could not call many people for marriage (Mekhla Dasgupta got married). However, he has posted pictures on social media for the fans at every moment. Netizens wish Mekhla and Orkar a happy future. Several personalities from Tollywood were also present at the wedding. Many friends of the reality show were also seen at his wedding. For now, the news of Mekhla’s wedding is making the air happy!