Men arrested after ‘castrating’ patient and ‘threatening to eat his testicles’

Two men have been arrested for allegedly performing unlicensed surgery on a 28-year-old man who had asked to be castrated.

The crime was discovered after the victim walked into McAlester Regional Health Centre in Oklahoma, US, bleeding heavily from the genital area.

He told doctors that he had contacted the two “surgeons” on a website called “Eunuchmaker.” The two suspects told the victim they told him they wouldn’t charge for the procedure but they did intend to eat his testicles after removing them.

Bob Lee Allen, 53, has been arrested after allegedly using scalpels to remove the 28-year-old victim’s scrotum and testicles during a procedure earlier this month at a residence in Wister, a town in eastern Oklahoma.

Men arrested after 'castrating' patient and 'threatening to eat his testicles'
The surgery was performed on a ‘makeshift’ operating table a “make shift table” in a small “oilfield bunk house.”

Thomas Evans Gates, 42, has also been arrested, according to The Smoking Gun, and is accused of having assisted Allen during the operation.

The victim had travelled approximately 1,000 miles from his home in Virginia after contacting Allen on the Eunuchmaker site. They chatted over Skype, he told police, and Allen claimed to have 15 years experience of performing similar procedures.

According to the victim, Allen told him he had “six more clients on the way to have the same operation,” and that he “had a freezer with body parts”.

Men arrested after 'castrating' patient and 'threatening to eat his testicles'
Allen was allegedly was assisted by Thomas Evans Gates, 42

The alleged procedure was carried out on October 11, on a wooden table that had been covered with surgical gowns, according to a Probable Cause Affidavit prepared by Oklahoma police.

The victim’s genital area was wiped with some sort of antiseptic fluid, before a local anaesthetic was administered.

During the two-hour castration procedure, the victim claims, Allen recounted the story of a former client who was “crazy” that he deliberately allowed to bleed out on the operating table.

The following morning, the victim woke to find that he was bleeding severely from the wound between his legs and asked to be taken to hospital. Allen allegedly told him “No ER, no morgue,” and warned that if he died on the way to hospital his body would be dumped in woodland en route.

The victim was warned that he should tell doctors that he had performed the bizarre operation himself. While he was recovering in hospital a few days later Allen and Gates arrived at the hospital and were arrested.

Later that day, October 15, police searched Allens’ home and reported finding drugs, medical equipment and “deep freeze that contained a plastic zip lock bag with what appeared to be testicles.”

Allen and Gates are facing several felony and misdemeanour charges in connection with the amateur surgery, which is said to have caused the “permanent disfigurement” of the victim.

Both men are locked up on a $295,000 (£226,131) bond, and face a District Court hearing this week.