Men 'decapitated policeman and sold their severed heads for ritual'

Two men have been arrested for allegedly decapitating two police officers and selling their heads.

Investigators in Nigeria are investigating the horrific case and local media reports that the men were paraded in an attempt to deter others who are being seduced by the illegal trade.

The suspects were named as Aliu Mubarak and Adewale Abiodun, with Nigerian police claiming to confess the heinous crime.

Officials said they were arrested by Oyo State Police in connection with the murder in the southwest of the country. They are also accused of dismembering and selling officers’ heads for a thousand naira (£ 2,000).

They were arrested after someone confessed to buying the heads of the duo. The man told the officers he intended to use them for a ritual.

Police have been identified as Ajibola Adegoke and Rotimi Oladele, among several police officers murdered in the wake of protests to put an end to brutality by the Nigerian police.

They were set on fire after being killed in an October riot.

The man who bought the heads, Oladipupo Ifakorede, is quoted by police sources as saying, “I want to use them (the heads) to prepare a ritual to make money. It’s for myself.”

Joe Enwonwu, Oyo Police Commissioner, said five people have been arrested so far in connection with the heinous crime.

He said in a statement, “ Discreet investigation later led to the arrest of two other suspects who identified themselves as Aliu Mubarak ‘M’ and Adewale Abiodun ‘M’ who confessed to taking the heads of the two police officers who later sold them. . a ritualistic herbalist for only a thousand naira.

The herbalist, who later identified himself as Oladipupo Ifakorede, was arrested and the two heads of police officers he had already dismembered were found on him and he confessed to the crime.

Efforts are being made to arrest other fleeing suspects.