Millionaire pays £2,000 for two-hour helicopter trip to eat Big Mac and fries

A hungry millionaire spent £ 2,000 to charter a helicopter so he could get McDonald’s.

The generous Viktor Martynov paid for the helicopter so that he and his girlfriend could eat “normal” food while on vacation in the Crimea.

Western companies such as McDoanld’s are not allowed to operate in the Crimean peninsula, which Russian President Vladimir Putin seized from Ukraine in 2014.

But the starving high roller was so desperate for food from the golden arches that he took matters into his own hands.

Overwhelmed with cravings for shakes and Big Macs, Martynov flew 450 miles to pick up his order in Krasnodar, the nearest Russian town with his beloved fast food.

The two-hour ride set the private yacht magnate back a whopping £ 2,000.

And he also spared no expense with his order.

He ordered a £ 49 banquet including burgers, fries and milkshakes – and he took his time with his meal and chose to eat out.

Millionaire pays £2,000 for two-hour helicopter trip to eat Big Mac and fries

The satisfied customer said: “That’s it – I was on vacation with my girlfriend in Alushta.

“We were in the mood for normal Moscow food …

“We decided to board a helicopter, fly to Krasnodar and go to McDonalds.

“We ate there and came back.”

The charter company said they had never been called on such a mission before.

“Usually our tourists charter helicopters to travel around or to meet guests,” said a source.


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