Mining City: A Blueprint for Success?

“Together we grow!” This is the tagline of Mining City, a company with a solid foundation in the cryptocurrency market. Is this catchphrase a real promise or an overrated statement? Let’s find out.

Stone by stone

Cryptocurrencies are seen by many as the “gold of the digital age”. Just as the discovery of gold deposits in North America caused the famous gold rush, the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008 had a significant impact on financial circulation on the internet.

It’s safe to say that it is a “crypto rush” that is becoming increasingly popular and contagious. Some people trade daily, others keep crypto assets for their future worth (this is known as “hodling”). There is pressure and rapid circulation – the “rush” in the market …

In 2019, Mining City decided to join the mining race and are taking bold and bigger steps to grow and develop. It is worth taking a closer look at them.

(Hash) power to the people

Hashpower is the computing power that is required to generate cryptocurrencies. This is the product and service that Mining City offers its customers. Hash power provided by Mining City is used to mine Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Vault (BTCV).

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and is still the market leader. It takes an enormous amount of energy to mine Bitcoin these days. Bitcoin Vault is an innovative crypto that was launched in December 2019. It was started by a Bitcoin hard fork process. It’s growing rapidly and is listed on numerous popular exchanges, including Liquid, MXC, and BKEX.

Mining City offers its customers mining plans for the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Bitcoin Vault. Customers have purchased approximately 850,000 BTCV mining plans to date. The mining rewards are recorded on individual user accounts, so users do not need their own advanced (and expensive) infrastructure to mine cryptocurrencies directly. An international company is at your service.

Overseas operations

Mining City has access to mining operations in China and Kazakhstan, where electricity prices are low. Huge amounts of electricity are consumed by mining equipment that works around the clock. The larger the size of the business, the higher the electricity bill. Every crypto mining company wants to pay as little as possible for electricity.

Mining City works closely with several global brands including the mining pool and the leading industry website

As an international company, Mining City operates in more than 50 countries and the customer service staff speak 20 languages ​​around the clock.

Mining City’s representative office is located in Warsaw, Poland and willingly hosts groups of business partners.

All citizens in a big city

In the words of the English playwright William Shakespeare: “What is the city but the people?” (Coriolanus, 1605?). And the question is very accurate, even if one speaks of a “digital city” centuries later – there is simply no city without people who live in and for it. It takes a vibrant, enthusiastic, and enterprising community to populate the urban infrastructure and be considered the “real city”.

There are no concerns about this in Mining City. One hundred percent of their population is made up of energetic, competent, willing and willing people.

Mining City: A Blueprint for Success?

Mining City CEO – Greg Rogowski

Greg Rogowski, CEO of Mining City, founded the company in 2019. He is the main architect and developer of the metropolis and leads his mining operations into an ever-expanding realm of cryptocurrencies.

“We see our church as a family, so global events are very important to us. During our conventions we learn, laugh and inspire one another. “ he said at a recent meeting.

Greg has extensive media and marketing experience and brings all of the knowledge needed to build Mining City. With excellent industry knowledge and a strong focus on success, he has built Mining City into a serious market player.

“Together we grow” is their motto. With such employees, Mining City can expand vigorously every day and forge bold plans for the future. Not just mining machines, but people make the mining city real.

Strength united

“By joining our network and choosing one of our plans, you will get processing power that you can use to mine Bitcoin [and Bitcoin Vault] with a certain speed and a certain speed “ says he Mining City website.

With the growing popularity of Bitcoin Vault, the number of the mining city community and its network of associated miners is growing. As one of the most transparent hash rental companies in the world, Mining City gives you accurate information on electricity costs, hash rate and all the required specifications of the connected miners.

Mining City’s results can also be checked at and the mining operations they use will soon be equipped with cameras for 24-hour streaming. Mining City is increasingly committed to its international credibility as both the mining infrastructure and miners network expand.

Mining City: A Blueprint for Success?

Mining City Mining Operations

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Should you get to know Mining City? If you consider yourself a dedicated explorer in the world of cryptocurrencies, you should definitely do so! The size and international character of your company as well as the competence of the people involved make the company worthy of your attention as a serious player in this dynamic market.