'Miracle' as doctor claims Virgin Mary appeared where virus patients are treated

A doctor claims that a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared before his eyes at a coronavirus chapel clinic.

The doctor managed to capture two images of the Christian saint in the clinic in the Colombian capital, Bogota, where he treats the sick.

Now, employees greet the images as evidence that the holy figure is watching over the sick during the pandemic, claiming it is a “miracle.”

Dr. William Pinzon told the local media that the saint’s vision was “great” and seemed to float in the air.

The photos were taken at the Reina Sofia clinic in the west by Dr. Pinzon, who worked on the night shift at the time.

In the pictures, images of the Virgin seem to be seen in the chapel of the clinic and then in a hallway.

He continued: “She (the Virgin Mary) appeared before me personally.

“Her manifestation was great and she floated.”

The clinic staff called the presence of the Virgin a ‘miracle’ for the patients currently being treated there for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, another member of staff claims that a statue in the chapel is also known as “tears of blood.”

'Miracle' as doctor claims Virgin Mary appeared where virus patients are treated

Maria Esperanza, who cares for the chapel that contains a statue of the Virgin Mary, told the local media that the saint manifested “to visit the sick people of the world suffering from Covid-19”.

She added, “The Virgin also cries tears of blood.”

“She visits Covid-19 patients because she is suffering, she is a loving mother,” said Esperanza.

'Miracle' as doctor claims Virgin Mary appeared where virus patients are treated

According to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, Colombia has registered 13,610 cases of Covid-19 and 525 related deaths.

It is not the only time that the Virgin Mary has appeared in recent months.

Christian worshipers in Argentina claim that the Virgin Mary appeared in the air in March, protecting them from coronavirus.

Extraordinary images showed three shafts of blue and white light emanating from the sky – the colors commonly associated with the Christian saint.


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