Miracle as dog rescued from devastating landslide after being swept into sea

A dog miraculously survived a terrible mudslide after being swept into the sea with eight houses in Norway.

The devastating landslide hit the village on the outskirts of the town of Alta in the northern region of the Scandinavian country.

Incredible images shared on social media show that the one-year-old moose dog named Raija is rescued and taken to safety in a military helicopter.

Raija can swim in water and later found on a piece of land along the coast.

She’s covered in mud, but seems unharmed as she runs to the saviors of the 330th Squadron.

Rescue workers put her on a safety harness before lifting her to the helicopter.

Norwegian authorities said no one was injured when the houses were uprooted in the 650-meter landslide.

Local police officer Torfinn Halvari told the Norwegian news agency NTB: “It seems that there were no people around when it happened.

“The dog was swept in the sea, but managed to swim ashore and survived.”

Rescuers put Raija on a harness and lifted her to the military helicopter

She reportedly ran away after being taken care of, but was later reunited with her owners.

The moose dog is the national dog of Norway and is known for hunting moose and bears.

The landslide occurred on Wednesday before the rainy conditions.

Jan Egil Bakkeby, one of the residents of Alta, managed to flee his home for his incident and climb a nearby hill.

In a clip he shared on Facebook, a vast stretch of land is seen as one moving and slowly submerged in the sea.

A number of houses are slowly being dragged away before a wall of water rises over the fields and floods the area.

The village sat on clay that becomes weak in wet weather.


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