Mob destroys ward after hospital refuses to hand over coronavirus victim's body

A crowd stormed a hospital to remove a body from their family member, who recently died of coronavirus.

The incident took place at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center in Karachi, Sindh Province of southeastern Pakistan.

Video posted on Twitter showed the aftermath of the attack. Rows of chairs are flipped upside down where the floor is covered with broken glass.

The windows around the reception are shattered as are the glass doors at the entrance.

It is believed that the raging crowd went to the basement morgue to grab the body.

“A group of about 50 to 60 people, who were said to be the caregivers of a patient who died during treatment, attacked the COVID-19 ward,” JPMC Executive Director Dr. Seemin Jamali told The News.

“They destroyed the department and tried to take the body of the deceased away when they were told that the body could not be handed over to them at the direction of the government. All staff and patients remained safe while hiding in the ward. ”

Dr Jamali said that 37 coronavirus patients were being treated in the ward when the group burst in.

The group is said to be related to a 60-year-old patient who was referred on Wednesday when his condition worsened and died last night.

He added, “The family members who camped close to the hospital wanted us to hand them over to the body immediately, but refused because the rules oblige us to inform the district health official first.

“And then enlist the Edhi Trust volunteers to clean the body, wrap it in plastic sheets, and send it in for burial.”

Police in the Pakistani city of Karachi arrested ten people for destroying the department.

Splintered glass spread over the floor

Authorities said more people involved in the attack were identified using the CCTV cameras, adding that such terrorist acts were unacceptable.

“I was in the ward when a group of people entered the ward by force and tried to take the body of a dead man who lived in the yard,” said one of the ward’s doctors.

“When they were told that the body of the deceased would be handed over to the district administration, they began to destroy the place and attempted to remove the body, but their attempt was thwarted by the security personnel.”


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