Mobile Carrier SK Unveils Samsung-made 5G Phone with Blockchain ID Wallet

Researchers are conducting the latest tests on the Galaxy A Quantum smartphone and the quantum random number generation (QRNG) chipset at SK Telecom’s Bundang offices prior to launch. Source: SK Telecom

A smartphone made by the South Korean mobile provider SK Telecom, in combination with Samsung, is the world’s first 5G handset, say the makers, who also claim the new device is equipped with a blockchain-powered authentication feature.

Per the carrier, the new device is called the Galaxy A Quantum, and is equipped with a quantum random number generating chipset. It is scheduled to be sold in South Korea from May 22 for a price of USD 528.

The device, says SK Telecom (part of the SK Business Empire), using quantum security for a blockchain technology powered mobile electronic authentication feature called Initial. All data stored on Initial is encrypted and cannot be accessed without a decryption key.

The feature is a blockchain wallet that allows users to store a range of personal IDs and certificates, such as smart employee cards, university degrees and transcripts, as well as insurance-related documentation. SK Telecom says it plans to increase the number of certificates and forms of ID compatible with its initial wallet later this month.

Both SK and Samsung are members of a government-backed consortium that is now working on a blockchain-powered mobile ID platform. The decentralized ID (DID) alliance also includes fellow smartphone maker and cellular provider LG, as well as competitive mobile operator KT. A number of major banks are also involved in the project, as well as crypto exchange Binance Korea.

The device is not Samsung’s first step in blockchain technology mobile phones. Its flagship Galaxy series releases have included hardware blockchain wallets since last year, and the company has also previously produced a Klaytn-themed blockchain phone for chat app giant KakaoIs Ground X blockchain subsidiary – with a crypto wallet and pre-installed blockchain dapps.

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