Model who smears herself in cakes and cream is looking for love

A woman rebelled against her strict Catholic upbringing by becoming a “splosher” who loves to suffocate herself in cake, cream and pudding.

When Mia Cid buys a cake, she has no intention of eating it – instead, she wants to squeeze it into her hair, push her face into the frosting, and smear it over her clothes.

She has built a loyal Instagram following for spicy photo shoots where she gets very messy with her favorite food.

23-year-old Mia, who works as a barista, said it started with ‘weird impulses’ while shaving her legs at the age of eleven.

She said, “I really enjoyed the feel of the shaving cream and I thought, ‘I want this everywhere.’

“When my parents went out, I locked myself in the bathroom, filled the bath with shaving cream, and squirmed in it for centuries.”

During her teens, Mia secretly began experimenting with other substances.

She said, “I used to take whipped cream, chocolate milk, ice cream, and pudding from the kitchen and spread them all over the bath … when my mom wasn’t there.

“Mama always asked” what happened to all the whipped cream? “And I played it out like I just had a real sweet tooth or something.”

Growing up in a strict Catholic household, Mia says she was increasingly ashamed of her unusual pastime and that it became a guilty secret.

She started stealing cakes so that she could choke them on her body and had to clean up the mess.

Mia kept a secret until she was 21, when she came across the Instagram page of someone with similar interests.

When Mia Cid buys a cake, she has no intention of eating it - she wants to squeeze it into her hair, push her face into the frosting and smother it over her clothes

She said, “I immediately felt relieved and happy, I felt like I could breathe.

“There was a word for what I liked,” sloshing “and there were a lot of other people who felt the same as I did … before that day I never told one person.

‘In the environment I grew up in, I felt crazy because I even had a sex drive.

“I was sent to etiquette school as a child, and that was all” sitting up straight, put on your socks, always be clean, “and I always thought” let me play in the mud. ”

“It is probably a form of rebellion.”

Now Mia, who lives in California, is an “out and proud” slosher and she even models for sloshing photo shoots under the stage name Lumlum.

She spends between $ 50 and $ 100 a week on cakes, creams, puddings, foams, and syrups to spread on her body. ‘

She still loves shaving cream and buys it in bulk nowadays.

Although she’s completely open about her banter, she’s yet to find a partner who shares her interests.

She said, “My last boyfriend was a big supporter of my banter, but he didn’t want to get messy, he would just watch me and maybe buy some supplies to help.

“Now I want to find a partner who wants to mess with me for a long time.”


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