Moment great white shark eyeballs divers as it swims inches away from cage

A great white shark was caught on video swimming just inches away from cage divers while staring them dead in the eye.

The curious, and perhaps hungry, shark looks majestic as it sails past the excited divers, giving them the perfect view of its jaws and powerful body.

It swims first past one cage and then moves on to investigate the second one, each time getting breathtakingly close to the captivated humans inside.

The video was uploaded on Facebook by Great White Shark diving, a cage diving tour operator in San Diego, California, US, who take people to the famous shark hotspot of Guadalupe Island in Mexico.

In the caption, they wrote: “Great White Shark coming close to our divers.

“These awesome animals are very interested in checking out the divers and make eye contact when the swim by.”

The tour operator added that great white sharks are “not mindless killers and eating machines” and enjoy scavenging for food and can go for “months” without killing or eating anything.

Viewers of the stunning footage were divided about the shark, with some calling the apex predator “beautiful” and others saying it is deadly.

A fan wrote: “Bucket list want to be in that cage.

“Eye to eye with a great white shark. That would be awesome!!!”

Tagging a pal, another person wrote: “Look how beautiful they are! Let’s go cage diving!”

The great white shark shows off its raw power as it circles the divers

But a critic said: “If they are so harmless why need a cage??”

Another said: “They are hardly friendly. They have eaten many humans.”

This comes after a great white shark was filmed lunging out of the water to grab a fisherman’s bait, leaving him almost lost for words.

In the exhilarating video, a man shouts: “Oh my God, that’s unbelievable!”

Earlier this month, a surfer was tragically killed by a great white shark in Australia.

The animal, estimated to be 10ft long, left him with “significant injuries” and he died at the scene after friends fought to save his life.

New South Wales Police Detective Inspector Matt Kehoe said: “Tragically he has passed away at the scene.

“He suffered a significant injury to his left leg.”


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