Moment man surfs down river that has transformed into 5ft wave-making rapids

A bizarre video shows a man surfing down a river that was transformed into a raging torrent because of heavy rainfall.

The footage, recorded in landlocked Austria, shows him ride a “wave” in the river before falling off his board and vanishing from view.

In the clip, which is 90 seconds long, the surfer balances on the surf board and zigzags through the challenging waves that have sprung up due to the rapids.

The river was so strong at the point where he entered that there was a permanent wave in the centre, around 5ft high, offering a slope down which the surfer could ride.

He manages to surf for well over a minute as uprooted trees and other debris sail past him in the water.

But suddenly, he shakes and falls off his board, before disappearing into the swell of the massive wave.

The incident took place on the Ybbs river near the town of Amstetten in the eastern Austrian state of Lower Austria.

The surfer loses balance and plunges into the churning water

Later, the footage was shared on Facebook where social media users and members of the emergency services blasted the surfer’s actions and said he put his life in danger for the sake of the stunt.

It was captioned: “Many emergency services are wondering whether it is necessary to risk your own life and that of the emergency services during a flood.”

The young man, who has not been named, managed to make it to the river bank unaided and did not suffer any injuries, according to the local emergency services.

Fire department spokesman Franz Resperger said that a total of three young men were involved in the incident.

The surfers’ companions can be seen in the video on a bank in the background.


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