Moment police save three-year-old girl found floating face down in swimming pool

A terrifying video shows the moment police officers managed to resuscitate a toddler found floating and unconscious in a swimming pool.

The three-year-old girl was being given CPR by her grandmother when officers arrived at the scene in Pensacola, Florida, US.

Bodycam footage shows a cop sprinting towards the home and throwing himself down next to the child.

“Move! Move!” he says to he two adults tending to the tot.

“Please hurry!” says the distraught grandma.

The cop immediately turns the child around and starts patting her on the back repeatedly.

When nothing happens he opens up a medical bag while a family member screams “Oh my God!” in the background.

The little girl appears to be turning blue and her hands are almost purple.

Suddenly the other officer shouts: “She’s moving!”

Checking her wrist, the one who had been patting her on the back says he thinks he has found a pulse.

They then turn the child onto the side and resume tapping her on the back.

“Come on baby, spit it up,” one says as they try to clear the water out of her lungs.

The little girl starts to breathe again and her skin goes pinker

Suddenly the little girl gives a small groan.

“Good girl,” says one of the cops.

The girl is then reported to have become “semi-conscious” and one of the officers adds: “She was definitely blue when we got here, you can still see with her fingers.”

Thankfully, they note that the “pulse is strong” and the little girl will pull through.

Although the footage was recorded on June 13, it has only just been released to the public.

Her rescuers were police officers Kyle Skipper and Robert Lindblom.

“To be honest, my first thought was, ‘There’s no way we’re going to bring her back because as purple and as blue she was, I thought for sure she was gone,” Officer Lindblom said, as reported by Wear TV.

He added: “When I saw her take that breath, I really just thought it was a miracle.

When we arrived on scene I didn’t expect her to recover.”


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