Moment safe containing £27,000 thrown from roof during police raid

This is the shocking moment when a suspicious drug network ‘money man’ threw a £ 27,000 safe from a roof during a police raid.

In the images – which you can view above – it can be seen that the suspect tries to distance himself from the vault full of money by throwing him out of a skylight.

The vault crashes onto the roof of the man’s home extension in Birmingham before falling onto an extension on the ground floor – several roof tiles are shattered.

West Midlands police officers made a forced access to the address in Serpentine Road at around 6am on Monday 18 May.

It comes after officers received a tip that the address was linked to a drug gang.

Moments after the safe fell from the roof, the suspect was arrested.

The safe was recovered and found to hold approximately £ 27,000 in cash.

The money is suspected to be related to drug trafficking and we have seized the stock as investigations continue.

A 23-year-old man was arrested on charges of money laundering; he remains in custody for questioning.

Inspector Sharon Revitt of our Gangs unit said, “Unfortunately for the suspect, he not only lost nearly £ 27,000, but also left a repair bill for the roof of his annex.

“He will have to prove that the money was built legally and not through crime.

“If he can’t do it, we’ll keep it and try to permanently grab it under the Crime Revenue Act and use it for community projects or crime prevention programs.

“This order under the Misuse of Drugs Act was prompted by community information that property was linked to the supply of drugs.

“We value public information in our fight against the scourge of drugs and related crime: the information is always taken seriously and we will try to act to catch offenders and make communities safer.”