Money Laundering Case Update: Enforcement Directorate Has Filed Chargesheet Against Jacqueline Fernandez And Nora Fatehi

New Delhi: New information has come out in the financial embezzlement case. Accused Sukesh Chandrasekhar gifted a total of Rs 10 crore to actress Jacqueline Fernandez along with a horse worth Rs 52 lakh and a Persian cat worth Rs 9 lakh. Sources said that this is what the ED said in the chargesheet.

The investigating agency has filed the chargesheet in a Delhi court in a financial embezzlement case. It is alleged that Chandrasekhar took Rs 200 crore from the wife of a businessman while he was in Tihar Jail. The ED has submitted the chargesheet in that case. It features actress Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fateh. Nora and Jacqueline had previously been questioned in the case. Earlier, Chandrasekhar told the media that he had gifted a car to Nora Fatehi.

According to sources, the conversation between Chandrasekhar and Jacqueline started by January this year. After that Chandrasekhar started sending gifts to Jacqueline. The list of gifts includes jewelry, earthenware, four Persian cats (one worth Rs 9 lakh) and a horse worth Rs 52 lakh.

The investigating agency also said that Jacqueline used to talk to Chandrasekhar on the phone while he was in jail. After Chandrasekhar was granted bail, Jacqueline booked a chartered flight from Mumbai to Delhi. Chartered flights were also booked from Delhi to Chennai. All this information was given by ED in the charge sheet. According to sources, the chargesheet states that actress Nora Fateh was gifted a BMW car and an iPhone worth a total of Rs one crore.

A Delhi businessman had filed a case against Chennai resident Sukesh Chandrasekhar. He alleged that Sukesh Chandrasekhar had cheated him of Rs 200 crore in one year. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez was summoned in that case. According to ED sources, besides Jacqueline, Bollywood actress Nora Fateh is also coming forward in the Sukesh Chandrasekhar case. Earlier this year, ED had also summoned Yami Gautam, one of the co-stars of Jacqueline’s film Ghost Police. He was also interrogated by ED.