Monkey thrown on BBQ is left with horrifying injuries to reduce vets to tears
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Monkey thrown on BBQ is left with horrifying injuries to reduce vets to tears

A seriously injured monkey that was “deliberately” thrown into a fire pit has had to be euthanised after being rescued.

The poor macaque was found with shocking burns on the grounds of a school in the Phoenix settlement near the South African city of Durban and was taken to a wildlife clinic for treatment.

Veterinarians at the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) inspected the female monkey and believed the wounds were caused by an act of cruelty.

They suggested the animal had been thrown into a fire pit or barbecue.

Harrowing video shows the primate’s visible wounds on the face with the fur burnt off around the nose and mouth.

The horrific wounds left the primate in immense pain that the vets decided to put her down.

The team explains: “Once in a while, a case comes along that has everyone in the ops room silent and weeping. Today was such a day at CROW.

“Her deep wounds (covering her whole body) are not fresh, so she must have been living in immense pain for some time – with even the slightest movement bringing intense waves of stinging, burning and agony.

“The rain a few nights ago must have at least brought some relief to her hot, burning wounds.

“Due to the extent of her wounds, the decision was made to humanely euthanise her and finally end her suffering. In her final moments she was held, loved and cared for.”

The organisation said they were mourning for the monkey, adding that its life was taken “in the most horrific way”.

Local media report daily incidents of monkeys being shot with air and pellet guns as well as other acts of cruelty have been received by animal organisations in South Africa during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

It is unclear if the case has been reported to the police.


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