More than a dozen horses found mutilated, body parts stolen across France

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Police in France were left scratching their heads while investigating a case where live horses were mutilated and robbed of their body parts

According to the Daily Mail, cops are on the hunt for a sick group of individuals who have attacked 15 horses and donkeys in France since the start of the year.

The latest of such incidents occurred on Monday near the city of Lyon, where a mare was found dead with its nose, ear, and eye removed. Another horse in the region was reportedly incapacitated before having an eye gouged out and a piece of bone stolen.

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Cops believe the attacks on the animals could be part of an online challenge, sick fetish or sadistic ritual, according to the Daily Mail. They don’t have any known suspects or motives.

French news outlet France Bleu reported the graphic attacks started as early as February 2019 when a horse was found dead in Chateau-Salins. The animal’s ears had been meticulously removed, the outlet noted.