Most pet owners prefer spending time with four-legged buddies over friends or family

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Most American pet owners prefer to spend time with their furry, four-legged buddies than going out for a night with friends or family.

According to the 2020 Pet Census survey conducted by Wisdom Health Genetics, which polled 13,000 U.S. pet owners, 72% admitted to cancelling plans for social activities to spend time with their dogs. Just 32% of cat owners admitted to putting off pals in favour of their feline.

In addition, 64% of pet owners revealed, not entirely surprisingly, they consider their pooch or kitty to be part of the family.

“The bond we share with our dogs and cats rank among our most important relationships,” Audrey Yoo, general manager at Wisdom Health Genetics, said in a press release, according to “In the last 10 years, our pets have undergone an incredible lifestyle evolution. And they now play a central role in our own lives — whether they’re improving our mental health especially in these unique times or sharing a spot in our beds.”