Most popular names people give their cars in the UK

Almost a third of British motorists have confessed to naming their car, and some Britons admit to naming the car after a family member or loved one, new research by ŠKODA UK shows.

In a survey of 2,000 drivers, 32% said they mentioned at least one vehicle they owned, while a quarter of them admitted to naming three or more vehicles in their lifetime.

ŠKODA’s research found 450 unique names given by motorists. Some of the most common that surfaced multiple times were Betty, Freddie, Daisy, and Rosie.

Beyoncé, Harrison Ford and Elvis Presley were the names of celebrities, while Bubbles, Beast, The Brussel Sprout, Zorro and Ketchup were examples of drivers’ more funny choices.

The most popular reason British chose a particular name was simply because it made the car owner chuckle (29%) – a reminder of the quirky British sense of humor. Many drivers (20%) chose a name because they thought the car looked like that specific name, while others revealed they named their car after a loved one or family member (8%) or because it reminded them of someone special (10% ).

ŠKODA survey: Top 10 names for cars by British drivers











The findings of ŠKODA, whose in-car voice control assistant is called Laura, also found that female drivers were almost twice as likely as male drivers to name their cars, while men were much more likely to name a loved one or relative ( 12%) compared to women (6%).

Those who lived in the West Midlands came out on top and expressed affection for their vehicle by naming it (37%), while drivers in Scotland (25%) and Wales (25%) were less likely .

This tendency goes beyond just naming vehicles – ŠKODA’s research also showed that British people had an incredibly strong affection for their cars, with 10% of motorists admitting they loved their car more than their spouse or partner, and a in seven claimed that their love for their car replaced that of their parents and / or siblings.

A ŠKODA UK spokesperson said, “Naming a car is just one of the many ways our relationship with our cars is demonstrated. Our in-car digital assistant, Laura, can perform a number of different functions at the driver’s request. With the ability to speak six languages ​​and permanent online connectivity, she is a valuable resource for owner drivers. ”


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